About Me

I am a published author, editor, and photographer based in Montreal, Canada. I have a master’s degree in Public Policy from Massey University in New Zealand, and am the author of Time and the Suburbs, a book about the social and political implications of contemporary suburbia. 

I have worked as a cultural journalist, a speechwriter, a script consultant, and as a ghostwriter. I have also been an academic administrator in Quebec, New Zealand, and in the United States. I offer insightful writing and editing for all kinds of projects, with a focus on helping people with clear expression. I specialize in copywriting and editing, in addition to structural, developmental, and line editing.

Much of my analogue photography reflects my interest in urbanism. I try to document the informal and often unintentional tableaux that appear and persist in the city. I am particularly fascinated by the ways in which windows and reflections reflect both light and desire.

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Praise for Time and the Suburbs:

“The book is beautifully written and tightly edited. It is the kind of intervention one sees more often in the French public debate than in our academically overdetermined Anglo-American publishing world. It is also meaningfully illustrated by Quinby’s own photographs that explore the postmetropolitan ecologies on their own terms.”

– Roger Keil in Global Suburbanisms.